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Extension Leather Lab is a Project created by me,  Paloma Martelo. Im a colombian fashion designer and I happen to grow up in a family brand that was created by my grandmother Julia de Rodriguez who was a pioneer in the fashion and leather industry in Colombia. Since a very young age I was surrounded by a wide range of materials as well as my family’s creativity given that my mom and all my family members were part of the brand. I spent my childhood at the family atelier experimenting with leathers and learning first hand all about the craft and I absolutely fell in love with it. After working on different areas of the family brand, and a year studying in Milan, I decided to launch my own brand of leather garments and accessories based on a more timeless yet stylish approach.

Paloma Martelo

My main purpose is to create a «Quality over Quantity» mindset on my customers, I wan to make them their PERFECT leather jacket that will last a lifetime, that GREAT belt or accessory that you know you can wear over the years and it doesn’t get old but better, those AMAZING leather pieces that you can wear up and down and even inherit to your kids. So I set out find the best and softest materials from Colombia, and mix them with luxury zippers from Italy to guarantee that your leather jacket will truly last you a lifetime. Im collaborating with different artists and designers to create super cool lining prints for the jackets so you have the chance to really customize your piece.  And last but not least Im continuously working on getting better and more sustainable materials that come from tanneries that are certified and work in a more natural way. 

Bogotá based with a global vision.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you want personalized advise or consultation don’t hesitate to contact me! Just hit the whatsapp button on your right or send me an email  paloma@extensionleatherlab.com and I will personally respond.

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